New Arrival Strong Powerful 55W 11 LED Teeth Whitening Lamp (SKU:27-3-8)

$899.99 $1,299.99

New Arrival Strong Powerful 55W 11 LED Teeth Whitening Lamp (SKU:27-3-8)


1. The LED Cold Light Bleaching System which made by our company is the most advanced brand in China now.

2. It is controlled by the microcomputer inside the machine, and it can catalyze the whiten pharmacy and cause a reaction exactly and effectively, and it will make the teeth whiten deeply.

3. Its output blue light wavelength is 460 nm-520nm, and it can irradiate all surfaces of the teeth effectively, so every tooth can be whiten. It is the key breakthroughs of the Clearing the teeth and the whiten technology in the dental area.

4. Universal rotation arm

5. Movable base

6. Touch screen power unit

7. Blue light emitting

8. Elegancy appearance design,

9. Flexible, convenient rotation arm. Easy to set the right pose to suit with the treatment.

10. All-directional location design.

11. 8 led bulb. More powerful treatment.

12. Floor- stand model

13. Multi-function touch screen buttons, setting treatment time, setting power.

14. Movable and lockable wheels under the base.

15.OEM is welcome.

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